Solaire Tan Skincare kit


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The Solaire® Retail Kit allows to you create skin perfection. This invigorating collection moisturizes and soothes your skin, giving you the ideal skin for tanning.

Solaire® Skin Radiance Body Scrub

Your skin will love you as you detoxify & buff away dead skin cells with natural exfoliators to reveal a renewed perfectly toned and hydrated skin. Rich blends of fruit extracts, ultra concentrated anti-oxidants and collagen forming marine extracts are custom blended to invigorate your skin alive.

Solaire® Skin Radiance Body Wash

A luxurious low foaming gel allows you to gently cleanse your skin whilst providing extra nourishment and hydration. Gentle enough to use on the most sensitive skin every day. Cleanse whilst protecting your skin’s natural oils leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

Solaire® Skin Radiance Tan Extender

Ensures your tan is maintained long after your tan has been applied.

Kit includes: 1x Solaire® Body Scrub 125ml 1x Solaire® Body Wash 125ml 1x Solaire® Tan Extender 125ml

Free: 1x Exfoliating Mitt 1x Spray Tan Maintenance Brochure 1x Waterproof Carry Bag

Instructions for use: Please refer to each product. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, under 16 degrees Celsius.

Size: 3x 125ml