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About O Cosmedics

O COSMEDICS is the number one Cosmedical skincare range in Australia. It was designed to fight the causes of aging, serious skin conditions and improve overall skin health, youth appearance and confidence.


Cosmedicals are the newest and arguably most effective type of skin products.  They are the step between your usual skin care product and going to your doctor for a prescription. Cosmedicals not only target past and present skin damage, but they also provide preventative skin care measures for the future. O COSMEDICS use cutting-edge ingredients that optimise cell function, improve skin health and overall appearance.

V8 Peptide Complex®

V8 Peptide Complex® is exclusive to O COSMEDICS. It is a multi-functional V8 Peptide that fights specifically against major signs of skin aging. V8 Peptide Complex® accelerates the healing and rejuvenation of essential cell structure that will ultimately decrease the signs of aging.


Biomimetic skin care technology enables products to mimic the structure of the skin barrier layers.
O COSMEDICS serums and hydrators contain biomimetic technology that ensures the skins barrier is healthy and strong, promotes hydration levels and as such acts as a preventative measure against irritation, inflammation and weakness. The delivery of the potent active ingredients goes into the deeper layers of skin which makes Biomimetic an anti-aging force.